Why Us

Our Process - Organic

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Farfensi monks who have lived for centuries in the territory, we chose to adopt certified organic production methods. No indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources; no use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or hormones . . . instead, in the same spirit as the monks, we have been cultivating in harmony with the environment and the cyclical principle that everything in nature comes and goes.

Here’s How We Do It

Our Centuries-Old Trees

So now it is time to add value to the olive oil produced by centuries-old olive trees. As science has shown, there is significant inherent benefit to the “green gold” that Italian families have consumed over the centuries. This is oil of a precious and excellent era, reserved for a consumer with an appetite for satisfying taste as well as for healthy culinary options . . . for a consumer who wants a product that combines history, culture and tradition, and whose discerning lifestyle appreciates identity and the flow of time across the centuries and even millennia.

What Matters — The People We Work With

We are a family-run business that produces olive oil for families just like ours. Just as we expect the highest quality for what we put on our own table, we want others to receive the same. Since ours is exclusively a manual olive harvest, the people we choose to work with are critical to the final product. We want our workers to feel creative, connected and a part of our overall process and final product. The very nature of the harvest requires the help of others, and by working together we have built a trusted network of human relations. All of these factors enhance the quality of our olive oil.

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