The Family EVOO Project



 Here at Le Corti Dei Farfensi, we have high values and strong traditions. We deeply believe in the importance of maintaining what has been passed down to us. Below, you can learn more about us, our values and standards. 

The Family EVOO Project is a result of our seekig to interpret ancient values and feelings from a foundation of well-defined values:

  • It is produced by a family, ours, that since the beginning has been fortunate to experience the emotion of the harvest and the magical moment in which the olives become a green and pure juice.
  • It is only for families and can only be purchased directly, not in stores or supermarkets.
  • It maintains the true Italian EVOO and therefore pursues production only from ancient trees, native cultivars.
  • It is produced through strict organic production methods — truly honoring our ancestors.
  • It is part of a legacy that resists economic and cultural globalization. Committed to preserving landscapes and knowledge, the Family EVOO has traditionally been produced in only small quantities.


Family EVOO derives from the secular tradition of the Italian family. The term EVOO indicates “the best,” “the true one,” “to be kept almost hidden,” “to be used very sparingly, only at the most-important moments, on the most-precious foods to be shared with loved ones.” The use of this exclusive EVOO tells others that you are willing to stand on the forefront and to put your name behind its quality.

Le Corti dei Farfensi is a family estate owned by Marco Cavalieri; his wife, Antonella; and their son, Francesco Maria. It is situated in the southern Marche region between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains, where Moresco, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages is found.



Our passion and visionary outlook permeate the process as well as the very mineral soil we manage through organic farming techniques, creating an organic EVOO that is a testament to the wisdom of the Farfensi Monks.


See Our Organic EVOO

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